You are welcome to contact us at the following address:

701 Devonshire Drive, Suite 201

Champaign, Illinois 61820


ILATSA Board Email:


Current Board Members

President: Michelle Evans, DSW, LCSW, LSOTP, LSOE, CADC


Vice President: Chris Blakley, Psy.D

Treasurer: Michael Kleppin, LCPC, LSOE, LSOTP, CADC

Secretary: Erika Elkins, Principal Probation Officer


Past President: Tracy Tholin, LCSW, LSOTP, LSOE

Guy Groot

Terri Guilford, Psy.D., LCP, LSOTP

Stalina Harris, MA, NCC, LPC, LASOTP

Don Milazzo, LCPC, ASOP

Kate Moran-Reschke

Specialized Caseload Coordinator

Jeff Reynolds, Ph.D., LSOTP, LSOE

ILATSA Archived Newsletters and Information:

The link to “2019 ILATSA Year in Review” can be found here: HERE

ILATSA maintained a newsletter from February 2013 – March 2019. Here are our previous editions.

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