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Thank you for a great conference at the ILATSA 2018 Conference!

We hope to see you next year on March 14 and 15, 2019.

Waubonsee Community College

Sugar Grove, Illinois




Please see below for the slides for the presenters.  We will post them as they become available.  Click on the blue title below.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dynamic Risk Assessment for Sexual Offenders Keynote Handouts – Dr. Andrew Harris 

Addressing Child Sexual Abuse: The Case for a Public Health Approach – Dr. Ryan Shields


Breakout A: Dynamic Risk Assessment for Sexual Offenders: STABLE/ACUTE-2007 Training   Dr. Andrew Harris


Breakout B: Help Wanted: Developing an Online Prevention Intervention for Adolescents with a Sexual Interest in Children – Dr. Ryan Shields

Breakout D: Integrating Trauma Informed Care with Adolescents and Children With Sexual Behavior Problems – Liza Simon Roper

Breakout I:  Sex Offender Management and Technology– Dr. Nena  Kircher, Daeton Degrant

Breakout J: Project Off the Record – Jessica McConville, Elizabeth Ullman


Friday, March 16, 2018


Breakout L: A Sex Offender Treatment Model Integrating Schema Therapy and Mindfulness   – Dr. Davison

Breakout M: Building Bridges to Understanding Sex Offenders with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Breakout P: Offending within the Professional Relationship: How Professional Relationships become Exploitative – Dr. Michelle Evans